This Year's Charity

The 2022 charity is Forces Children Scotland (formerly the Royal Caledonian Education Trust).

Forces Children Scotland is Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s charity.

Our children and young people will encounter a range of positive and challenging experiences living within a serving, reservist, or veteran family.

We provide a platform to grow in confidence, develop new skills and gain valuable experiences. We co-produce projects and services directly with children and young people to support their mental health and wellbeing, education and learning as well as put their unique experiences on the radar of civilian audiences.

We provide life-changing opportunities to forge new friendships, through a sense of belonging and shared experience. We amplify their unique journeys to help civilian friends as well as those supporting them or making important decisions about their future, better understand what they're going through and bring about big changes.

We listen and respond quickly to provide financial help to Armed Forces families in lots of different ways, when it is needed most. We support children and young people caring for loved ones as well as students gaining qualifications at college or university.